What is the common reason why college students use cannabis?

College is where a lot of people get their first experience with cannabis. People use cannabis socially, medically, or even spiritually. Cannabis can affect different people in different ways. So I decided to create a survey to find out “what is the most common reason why people in college use cannabis?” The answers I got were “to sleep” or “to relax”. It was a close race between “using cannabis socially”. There were a lot of interesting answers, but a majority of students at my college just want some room to take a breather.

We all can agree that college life is stressful and sometimes your mind just won’t stop racing. Over the years, studies have been cultivated to figure out the health benefits of using marijuana. There are many reasons as to why people use cannabis and the most common reason is to sleep. A new study  from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the University of Miami found of all respondents under 50 years of age, 74% reported using cannabis to promote sleep where marijuana is legally sold. 

Cannabis has been a handy sleep-aid for many people with even the most stubborn insomnia. All it takes is some puffs of an indica to settle you down for the night, quelling stress and promoting physical relaxation. Of course, not all strains are equal, but due to popular opinion, most people prefer indica strains, which tend to induce heavy, sleepy effects, versus sativas, which are known to be uplifting and energizing. After a long day of classes, working dozens of jobs, and having multiple unpaid internships, some college students just want to take a quick break to prepare themselves for the next day. I know a bunch of individuals who are prescribed medical marijuana to treat their insomnia  and going through college intensified the sleeping disorder. 

Throughout my college experience, I have seen the prominent use of marijuana as a sleep aid for the majority of the people I have encountered. It makes sense. I’m not promoting the use of marijuana as a method to induce a good night’s sleep but simply stating my own research findings to educate readers. Using marijuana responsibly is important to gain the full effects of the medical properties to improve a better quality of life.

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