Presidential Candidate Jay Inslee Supports National Decriminalization and Legalization of Marijuana

Cannabis Leaf at Sunset

Cannabis Leaf at Sunset

By: Michael Greene : New York, NY

Jay Inslee, the Democratic Governor of the State of Washington is running for President of the United States in 2020.  Earlier tonight at a democratic CNN Presidential Town Hall he was asked, “Given that Washington state has legalized marijuana, what’s your view on legalizing it across the Country?”  His answer was : “He is happy to share Washington’s experience.” He stated that, “the State of Washington legalized marijuana several years ago and the fears of a number of people, including himself had not come to pass.” Inslee said that, “he actually did not support the issue when it came up several years ago because he was concerned about youthful usage.”   “We have not had adverse health results with our young people,” he said. He stated that the Washington State has not had rampant criminality in the distribution of marijuana. Legalization has been helpful, he said, “by providing about seven hundred million ($700,000,000.00) dollars worth of revenue so we can help the health of our children and schools for our children.”

“It has been an unalloyed success in the State of Washington,” he said, and it is his firm belief that it is time for the United States to decriminalize and legalize marijuana. He went on to state that, “now this is just part of the effort to right some of the injustice in our judicial system because the drug war has been one of the elements of such racial disparity in our justice system.”  We need to bring justice back into the justice system he said, and told the audience, that is “one of the reasons he was one of the first governors to offer pardons to over 3000 people with marijuana convictions because the drug war has resulted in too much racial disparity.” He wants the whole country to “Follow Washington’s lead,” and to “look west for success.”

Inslee announced his candidacy on March 1, 2019.  He stated that would put the environment at the heart of his campaign for the Democratic nomination.  He stated that he is, “the only candidate who will make defeating climate change our nation’s number one priority.”

Inslee stated that he has been fighting the NRA and trying to pass reasonable gun legislation for ½ a century.  He told a story where in 1994, as freshman legislator, a few votes were necessary to pass the assault weapon bill.  He knew that if he voted for that Bill he would lose his seat in congress representing the Eastern District of Washington State.  He voted for the bill and provided one of the votes to put it over the top, he said, and lost his seat, but never regretted voting for that Bill, because he does not believe that, “ any congressman’s seat is more important than any child’s life.”  He stated that he, “passed three major gun safety legislative acts by initiative in Washington,” and he is, “not done yet.” He stated that the “NRA is on the run” and he is proud to be a part of this country’s move towards common sense gun legislation.”  Inslee was the first governor to announce his candidacy in the 2020 Democratic field.

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