Governor Cuomo Confirms His Intent to Legalize Adult Use Cannabis

Governor Cuomo Confirms His Intent to Legalize Adult Use Cannabis

By Michael Greene

New York Daily Weed Report

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

New York – Last night, Andrew Cuomo gave an inauguration speech to begin his third term as a New York State Governor, on Ellis Island, in New York Harbor.  He gave an optimistic speech about the best New Yorker’s had to offer and requested their assistance in making the future comport with his stated vision.  He stated that, “When they write the history books and ask what did we do – in the face of anger and division, when people were disillusioned, let New York’s answer be that in this defining moment we brought healing and light and hope and progress and action.  That New York did not seek to blame or use people’s anger but rather chose the hard but true path – to resolve the fear by solving the problems that were causing the frustration in the first place. Just as FDR turned the frustration of the economic depression into a movement to pass the New Deal let New York use the frustration of the social depression to pass a new justice agenda – advancing social, racial and economic justice – that addresses our very real issues with a progressive – not a regressive agenda – moving us up, forward and united, not down, backwards and divided. We saw the growing crisis of climate change. We saw this harbor rising on its banks.  And New York was the first to lead the transition to the new economy, the green new deal economy, that not only saves our planet for our children but develops sustainable economic opportunity for the next generation. 

He said that he hoped that they would say “that New York led the way against the culturalized, institutionalized degradation of women in our society and moved forward to pass a groundbreaking Equal Rights Amendment and Reproductive Health Act that provides true respect, dignity and equality.   That when the nation’s infrastructure was deteriorating around us New York knew the way forward was not by building walls but by building new bridges and airports, roads, and a mass transit system that allowed growth, and created new good middle class jobs, for a new generation.”

He went on to state that hoped, “That New York can restore confidence in our democracy with automatic voting registration and early voting and campaign finance reform.  When the Federal Government declared war on the middle class and labor unions – we fought back – because unions grow and protect our working families.  That when our Federal Government demonized new immigrants and ripped babies from their mothers’ arms and left them to die on America’s doorstep, New York sued the Federal Government for violating the constitution and welcomed new immigrants by passing the Dream Act.  That New York opposed the federal government’s trickle down taxation policy and passed the most progressive tax code in its history and sued to stop the punitive federal SALT tax scam on hard-working New Yorkers. That to ease the pain of the homeless on our streets, the state provided more funds for affordable housing than ever before and brought hope to tenants by ending vacancy decontrol.  That New York put justice back into the justice system by ending the cash bail system. Because a judge should determine an individual’s risk of release, not an individual’s access to wealth.”  

His only mention of marijuana for the entire speech was when the Governor stated that he hoped they would say, “That New York led on legalizing recreational marijuana, bringing justice and new economic opportunity not for rich corporations, but for the poor communities that paid too high a price for too long.”  

He went on to say he hoped the rewritten history books would include, “that in the midst of horrific violence and mass shootings, New York once again brought more sensible gun safety to the forefront.  

The Governor moved from rhetoric to fact and said that, “Our new legislature is now governed by Democrats.  We will not repeat the mistakes of the past.  We know hollow campaign rhetoric and false political posturing only aggravates the frustration.  New Yorkers are smart.  They know there is no magic wand.”

Governor Cuomo told the audience that his father used to say, “we don’t need ideas that sound good, but rather ideas that are good and sound.” He went on to say that, “New Yorkers know the difference between rhetoric and results.  We either perform by delivering real solutions that restore hope and progress in people’s lives or we fail.  And failure is not an option for New Yorkers.   And it won’t be just what New York did in that moment but how we did it.”

While the Governor did not add any more detail to his plan for legalizing adult use recreational marijuana he did think it was important enough to mention again, as he gave a call to action while listing his vision of New York’s best version of itself.

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