Marijuana Legalization Information in New York State

The New York Daily Weed Report provides updated information about marijuana legalization in New York state. We recognize that marijuana legalization information is difficult to keep track of as states change their laws and legislatures debate laws, as New York’s state legislature is currently doing.

The State of Marijuana Legalization

The legalization status of marijuana in New York is currently in flux. New York decriminalized the possession of marijuana in 1977, though the ripple effects of that legislation are still being felt and took decades to truly be represented in law enforcement throughout the state.

In addition, New York legalized medical marijuana in 2014. Medical marijuana is available from dispensaries throughout the state. The legalization of medical marijuana is often a precursor to the full legalization of marijuana.

Previously, Governor Cuomo has expressed the goal of incorporating marijuana legalization in New York’s budget in April 2019. However, recent developments have brought this deadline into question and it seems unlikely to be considered in this budget.

Critics of the proposed legislation express disagreement about the methods of legalization. Broad support for marijuana legalization exists throughout New York state. Some of this support may be tied to the economic benefits of marijuana legalization, which the New York City Comptroller estimates to be roughly $436 million annually in tax revenue for the state.

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