Is 2022 Going To Be The Year Cannabis Will Be Legalized?

Is 2022 Going To Be The Year?

Could it be true? In just three years, cannabis could possibly be fully legalized?! Former congressman Dana Rohrabacher stated during a “TMZ Live” interview that the United States will fully allow all Americans to spark up legally. President Trump is said to be the ring leader according to the longtime Republican Congressman. It somewhat makes sense since Trump is a huge businessman. The ex-congressman from SoCal has invested a lot in the cannabis industry and serves as a board member of He tweeted about it too, saying:

I’m proud to announce I’ve joined as a shareholder and advisory board member, so I may continue the fight for cannabis legalization on a national level.

Apparently, there is already a legislation in the works. Rohrabacher had served 30 years on Capitol Hill, so he is always updated on what Congress is working on. Hey, maybe it is possible for both sides to agree on something. Along with this news, just recently Illinois unofficially took the 11th seat in legalizing that good ole’ ganja. Then last month, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries and New York Senator Chuck Schumer brought the Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act back to life, which removes cannabis from the scheduled substances list set under the Controlled Substances Act.

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